After 3,5 years, I finally say goodbye to my home office. I've moved into my first studio space at Antwerpen Zuid. We're taking the decorating-part step by step but this is how things look so far.
I'm saving the desks for later - still a mess! 



Where to begin. I'll need to divide the past couple of months in a few different posts.
Many projects, many interviews and press came out about my work as an artist and the book-cover I designed for Kendall & Kylie Jenner. I was surprised by the amount of reactions and the warm words of many! Thank you.
November was definitely a highlight for me. I moved from my home office to my very first studio space and 2017 is getting closer. Stay tuned for more updates on everything that passed and will come. 

I finalized a project for Un Diaries. It is powered a new design studio in the South of Antwerp that will open its doors early next year. The ethos of the studio is to look at things differently, add meaning and emotion to creativity, undo all that is done and explore new possibilities. I started working on a series of poems written with passion and a lot of knowledge by Shraddha, an Antwerp based writer. We analyzed every word and cobined the core of the poems with visuals to create a certain emotion. 

Read the images HERE and follow upcoming stories and visuals.



Even though I haven't seen other than my computer screen this summer, it was one to remember.
The 4 days - out of office to visit Greece were very needed and (ok..) a bit too short but I highly recommend to visit Damouchari Pelion. One of the most beautiful places i've seen in Europe so far. I fell in love with Hotel Damouchari, very affordable and very enchanting.

I've been working non-stop on various projects that simply needed a lot of attention and fine-tuning. I'm counting down the waiting-days for the release of new visual campaigns, identities, book-covers and new album-work. 

DIVA - Antwerp Home of Diamonds

DIVA is a new museum in Antwerp opening it doors end 2017. 
It will show a large collection of diamonds, gems, silver and contemporary designs.
I was asked to create a visual story / concept around the collection and more important, the DIVA. She isn't the typical diva the name would translate but a more mysterious creature transforming into pure diamonds. She's fragile but confident, showing her inner self and her mastering of performing. 
We've been shooting in the beautiful home / atelier of Gert Voorjans, working with amazing silhouettes from Ann Demeulemeester, Tim van Steenbergen and A.F. Vandevorst.

The campaign will reveal in November '16 (Belgium & The Netherlands)

The other ones I'm saving for later.



The last couple of days, I have lost my A, O & B in support of The Red Cross. 
This Missing Type campaign asks you to help fill the gaps and save lives:

It was a huge succes in the UK. Watch it here:

As 'blood' triggers a lot of creative senses, I didn't hesitate to participate. I worked with inspiring quotes that could link the subject and I started experimenting with artwork + type.
Here are some results:

Follow more work in progress, ideas, inspirations and
personal things on my instagram account: @louise_mertens
or facebook page:


Ive made a small series completely inspired by Dinosaursart⠀

Check out the wonderful artworks from people all over the world that love dinosaurs HERE



I have no words for what happened yesterday night.
My thought are with you

photo: Harley Weir


Last month, I went to Barcelona to visit the Denim Premiere Vision Fair where the final photos and video we created for Orta Anadolu were shown.
I've had the best time and the fair was truly amazing. Thank you to the whole Orta Team for inviting me to one of my favorite cities and to trust me on this great project.

Here are some photos I took during my 3 day-visit.


I've been waiting for yesterday a long time.
The past few weeks, I've been developing a new project which I will be sharing around the end of July. 
Yesterday, we shot photos for my newest series. Thank you to another amazing team: Oona Bovri, Vlad Solovov, Anne-Sophie Christiaens, Emmanuelle Bastiaenssen, L-J Lily and Arno.

Here are some behind the scenes. The rest will be a surprise.


The album for Noémie Wolfs is out now and for sale in all record stores.
Check out the whole project on my website.

x L


Double celebrations! Tomorrow is my 27th birthday and today I noticed 7K on my instagram account. It's not about the number, but it does make me happy to know I have people following, liking and commenting my work day in day out. Feedback is an important matter and showing my work in progress as well. I'm trying to maintain this account as much as possible with 1 to 3 photos a day. THANKS A MILLION AND LOADS OF LOVE



Studio Louise Mertens for ORTA ANADOLU

I haven't sit still the past few months. After I was invited to Istanbul and Keyseri
and meeting the lovely team of ORTA Anadolu, it was time to create some action.
I got an introduction to the company and the way denim is made. I got to see the factory
and the techniques that are being used to make denim as we know it. They sell their denim
to designers all over the world such as Acne, Uniqlo, Levis, Lee, Armani, Zara, Dolce & Gabbana and so on. 
I created a visual world for ORTA where we unwittingly approach the future
but hold onto our precious nature and sustainability.
Blufrequency is where we're heading and denim is traveling with us.
I am a #hitchhikerofthesolarsystem

I've worked for 2 days with this great team I put together.
Inge Theylaert, Oona Smet, Guy Verbraeken, Vlad Sololov, Thomas, Philippe, Layna Isle Vancauteren, Laura Noben,
Eline, Senne Van Der Ven, Angela, Alexandru, Philip, Malijn, Ulla Models, Future Faces models and Flag models.

The pictures and the video will be released by the end of April '16 and shown worldwide at denim-fairs. I will attend the Denim Premiere Vision 
fair mid may in Barcelona.

All photos: ©Senne Van Der Ven 


Some sneak-peeks of the shooting for Karolin Studio
New Collection coming soon.

Thank you to a great team! 


It's been 2 months since I've moved and my studio is finally ready.
This is where I spend around 10 hours a day. Hope you like it.





My mother, because it's her birthday and because she's my person.

To acknowledge.

To the good days and the bad. 

To the rollercoaster of 2015.

To realness.

To everyone who support

To you.

To change.

To people who give and give back.

To find.

To confidence. 

To uniqueness.

To let go. 

To everyone who helped us painting with special thanks to Nicolas

To feel free.

To memories.

To know what's happening in the world.

To New York

To self-employment

To the love of my life.

To the ability to finish something and be happy about it.

To reading more books.

To travel.

To break perfect.

To admit failure.

To stories.

To be good.

To my small but loving family.

To best friends.

To health.

To people who inspire.

To identity.

To singularity.

To kindness.

To feel.

To ambitious people.

To losing and gaining. 

To artists.

To everyone visiting this page. 

To the little things.

To summernights.

To people who allow happiness.

To understanding.

To my clients.

To love.

To contentedness.

To good karma.

To wine.


To all the new people I'm going to meet.

To honesty.

To new adventures.

To inspiration.

To never ending dinners.

To forever young. 

TO 2016 !!!




Thank you @ Sagmeister & Walsh for the amazing 3 months and a warm goodbye. I will miss all of you. Stefan, Tyler, Aron, Carmel, Zipeng, Jessica, Jessica 2, Molly, Daniel, Felipe, Simon, Tiago, Javier, Lirony, Lucien, Jon and Leila. I've learned a lot from every single talent who worked in the studio and we've had some good times after work as well ;) One of my biggest memories so far and something I will always cherish.


Boomboomboom, no time to waste. We moved into our new home, painted 3 layers of white and started decorating. Finally a place to call my very own. Winter has started and Antwerp couldn't be more cozy. I've also started working and it feels good! I'm working on 2 visual identities and I started one of my biggest projects so far. XXSOME is planning new visual-ideas and we're looking forward to 2016! I hope to show a lot of new results very soon. 

follow my photos on instagram (@louise_mertens) and my snaps on snapchat (@louizzzle)