part 3/3 has started! As it's my last month in New York, I need to complete my to-do list and visit all the nice places I havent been yet. I'm sure a lot of you have been here and have some nice places/restaurants/bars/views/exhibitions/museums/etc. to share. Please do so! I would be very glad to try them out -

As I have very little time to work on personal projects during my internship here, I couldn't resist making a few new collages and tests in my (very) small room on my bed with just a few art-supplies and a lot of excitement. How I missed it! here are some previews. 

I can't wait to share all my new work and ideas for 2016. Just before leaving for NY, we bought our first apartment. There was still a little bit of work to do such as placing floors and painting but it's going to be ready as soon as I get home. I'm very excited to decorate my new home and studio and start planning new projects, share some news and start my 3rd studio year.