Hello November,

I can't believe this is almost over. I love this city so much. It' strange to think about going back to Belgium... Although I can't wait to see my friends and family again, to move and restart my own work. I'm meeting a lot of interesting people here, got a few interesting offers and I'm working on the idea of traveling more for my work. 

I'm trying to take a lot of pictures these days. I've had an amazing long weekend with my love. I went to Fat Radish restaurant in Orchard street and I discovered Doodleys, my new favorite breakfast place (same street) Went to the Upper-East side for the first time and I enjoyed the amazing interior + underground foodmarket of the Plaza hotel. I must say I enjoy downtown Manhattan a lot more but it's nice to see it at least once. 

We went to Coney Island for pictures only (everything else was closed) 

Next week my best friends are arriving and they stay with me until my last day. I'm doing my last days at the Sagmeister & Walsh studio. Time went by so quickly.