I cant believe this is the first time in almost a month that I have some time to write about my internship in New York City. 
I never knew that the word 'busy' could have more extreme proportions than I knew before.

I'm having the best time of my life. It took me two weeks to actually settle down and to get used to this crazy city but now after being here almost a month, I'm feeling extremely happy and lucky that I've taken this opportunity. I don't know where to begin. New York, the city of talents, time and movement. I spent a few months in Tokyo a long time ago, and even this city felt more 'normal' to me. I feel that everything is different here, in a good way mostly. It's hard to keep up with everything that happens around you but the energy is amazing. There is a huge amount of 'freedom' in the air. I've visited a lot of beautiful areas and I have a thousand more things on my list and so little time. 

Work is going so far so good. I'm interning at Sagmeister & Walsh and I must say, I don't really feel like an intern. We are a big team of mostly guys, coming from all over the world with unique skills and talents. Interesting to be around. They just moved into a new office, wich is AMAZING (compared to the previous, much smaller studio) 
 I'm living in Chinatown/Manhattan. Quite special and very close to my favorite neighborhoods. I've had my work exhibited at FOTOFOAM. It's still up there so everyone who's visiting, feel free to visit their gallery in the lovely meatpacking district!

I will try to share more the upcoming weeks. Questions, tips, must-do's, must-see's and good foods are more than welcome!