Even though I haven't seen other than my computer screen this summer, it was one to remember.
The 4 days - out of office to visit Greece were very needed and (ok..) a bit too short but I highly recommend to visit Damouchari Pelion. One of the most beautiful places i've seen in Europe so far. I fell in love with Hotel Damouchari, very affordable and very enchanting.

I've been working non-stop on various projects that simply needed a lot of attention and fine-tuning. I'm counting down the waiting-days for the release of new visual campaigns, identities, book-covers and new album-work. 

DIVA - Antwerp Home of Diamonds

DIVA is a new museum in Antwerp opening it doors end 2017. 
It will show a large collection of diamonds, gems, silver and contemporary designs.
I was asked to create a visual story / concept around the collection and more important, the DIVA. She isn't the typical diva the name would translate but a more mysterious creature transforming into pure diamonds. She's fragile but confident, showing her inner self and her mastering of performing. 
We've been shooting in the beautiful home / atelier of Gert Voorjans, working with amazing silhouettes from Ann Demeulemeester, Tim van Steenbergen and A.F. Vandevorst.

The campaign will reveal in November '16 (Belgium & The Netherlands)

The other ones I'm saving for later.