Studio Louise Mertens for ORTA ANADOLU

I haven't sit still the past few months. After I was invited to Istanbul and Keyseri
and meeting the lovely team of ORTA Anadolu, it was time to create some action.
I got an introduction to the company and the way denim is made. I got to see the factory
and the techniques that are being used to make denim as we know it. They sell their denim
to designers all over the world such as Acne, Uniqlo, Levis, Lee, Armani, Zara, Dolce & Gabbana and so on. 
I created a visual world for ORTA where we unwittingly approach the future
but hold onto our precious nature and sustainability.
Blufrequency is where we're heading and denim is traveling with us.
I am a #hitchhikerofthesolarsystem

I've worked for 2 days with this great team I put together.
Inge Theylaert, Oona Smet, Guy Verbraeken, Vlad Sololov, Thomas, Philippe, Layna Isle Vancauteren, Laura Noben,
Eline, Senne Van Der Ven, Angela, Alexandru, Philip, Malijn, Ulla Models, Future Faces models and Flag models.

The pictures and the video will be released by the end of April '16 and shown worldwide at denim-fairs. I will attend the Denim Premiere Vision 
fair mid may in Barcelona.

All photos: ©Senne Van Der Ven